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Message from Dr. Beth - 8/1/23

Hi everyone!  Dr. Beth here. 


I wanted to share a few exciting happenings with everyone in our Chiropractic Loft family. 


  1. This upcoming weekend I will be finishing my Dry Needling certification training. I am thrilled to be able to offer this valuable service. It’s great for myofascial trigger points, connective tissues, neural and muscular ailments, and those pesky aching knots that don’t seem to go away. It will be a fantastic addition to what I already offer. 


  1. I am excited to announce that Chris, Cash, and I will be adding a member to our family in September.  This is just as much of a surprise to you as it is to us!  We were notified this past weekend that a baby girl is joining our tribe through the miracle of adoption. What this means for the Loft is that we will need to suspend appointments in the month of September as we travel out of state to meet our daughter and bring her home.  


I anticipate being back in the office to provide you with chiropractic care in October but until we firm things up, we won't open the schedule up online or initiate new packages until we return. We will keep you all updated via email and text and get everyone back in the office as soon as possible. As for now, my last day offering treatment will be August 24th. 


During our absence, texts and email communications will be monitored by us and by our office assistant. Please feel free to reach out with anything you need and we will do our best to assist you. I would be happy to refer you to another provider if you need one during my absence. 


We thank you all for your patience during this time of celebration and look forward to introducing our new family’s new addition to all of you.


Yours in health,


Dr. Beth and family

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