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5/4/22 Message

Greetings everyone. 


Dr. Beth has recently been diagnosed with a health condition. Though her symptoms have not impacted her ability to treat patients (joint pain, etc), it has affected her lungs and breathing capacity. This is not covid-related but is tied to her family history of autoimmune disorders. She will be getting some treatment over the next few weeks, as well as undergoing more tests. She has been told that if she takes proper steps to treat this now, it is reversible and she won't have any long-lasting effects and can continue as normal. 

As a result, she will need to step back from patient care for a brief time to focus on her health and recovery. We realize that this is not ideal, as many of you are under regular treatment at our office and we will have to put that on pause for a brief time. She anticipates taking 1-2 months off before returning. 

If you would like to approach us for a refund for unused visits, please let me know. I will be happy to help you in that regard. If you're comfortable hitting the pause button with us, be assured that Dr. Beth will be back soon. She will be sending an email to you all soon as we are all close-knit family here, but I wanted to get something out to everyone as soon as possible. 

Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you, and I will for sure email everyone when we have an exact date for re-opening. I anticipate that to be set in the next two weeks or less. If you need a referral in the interim, please send us an email and Dr. Beth will help you in that or any other regard. 

Thanks for your support and understanding. Have a great day.

Business Manager and Dr. Beth's Husband

New Patients

Getting to The Chiropractic Loft

109 S Greeley Street

Milwaukee, WI


UNIT 126

(temporary shared space with Breathe Massage Therapy & Wellness)

We are located in the historic Hide House complex off of Greeley Street in Bay View. 

  • From I-94, take the Holt Ave exit and head east.

  • In 1000 ft turn left on Chase

  • In 3/4 mile, turn right on E Montana Ave

  • Take 2nd left on Greeley.

  • The Hide House is .1 mile down 

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(414) 501-5638



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